Our Community

Doing our share for clean air

Dear Neighbour,

In the last three years, Loveday Mushroom Farms has invested over $2 million in advanced technologies to improve the quality of air in our community. We believe our continuing effort has significantly reduced the organic odour that arises from the natural composting of mushroom bedding.

We are always searching for innovative ways to further control this naturally occurring smell, and to that end, we have installed a technological option that we believe will help reduce it even more. Our new ventilation system, which mixes oxygen molecules with compost odours, effectively cleans and refreshes the air before it is released.

We’re confident that this new method of odour control will continue ensuring fresh, clean air in our neighbourhood.

Burton Loveday

Supporting our community

For more than 75 years, Loveday Mushroom Farms has been a strong supporter of the community we work and live in. Over the years, we’ve established longtime charitable partnerships with Tache Nursing Centre and a variety of St. Boniface foundations, events and community organizations. We also proudly contribute to the Salvation Army and Winnipeg Harvest.